Dr. Claudio Cerullo talks about Bullying and Children With Disabilities


Understudies with ADD and Other Learning Disabilities are More Likely to be Bullied.

Children with enthusiastic messes and learning failures have a more critical probability of being irritated, offended and nudged by spooks. Preparing subtle social capacities can help.

Understudies are bullying and bugged every day in schools all through the country, neighborhoods and play zones, anyway tormenting is considerably more normal in understudies with handicaps, for instance, an absence of capacity to think reliably mess (ADD), a psychological awkwardness or Asberger’s Syndrome, or other learning issues, social or energetic ineptitudes.

Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo is believed to be an expert on irritating and tormenting shirking programs; he describes tormenting as “repeated acquaintance after some time with negative follows up on the bit of no less than one unique understudies. It is a negative action when some person intentionally causes, or attempts to convey, harm or uneasiness upon another social, physically, or internally.”

Tormenting can be physically mighty (kicking, hitting or punching), verbally pestering (scorning or crippling), or rationally hostile (spreading bits of talk or taking exercises that socially isolate a tyke). Computerized tormenting is a reasonably new sort of badgering that incorporates using the Internet and cell phone educating to on and on unnerve, incapacitate or insult another child.

Various masters in like manner assume that irritating incorporates an unevenness of force either physical or mental. For example, a greater, more grounded understudy will habitually spook an adolescent he sees as fragile. Basically, kids who seem to require assurance, social knowledge or “eager muscle” are consistently tormented by kids who are all the more beyond any doubt and intense.

About Dr. Claudio Cerullo

Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo earned his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Social Science Education where he was picked President of the Student Government and Education Association. Dr. Cerullo earned his Master’s Degree in Professional Elementary and Secondary Education with his concentration in Educational Administration, earned his Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Administration and has gone to informative activity getting ready in Diversity/Multi-Cultural Education through Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.


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